We started in 1992 with 11 members and an initial capital of Rs. 6,500.00. At the beginning is it was a small micro credit and savings program. We started with very small (microloans) loans provided to impoverished borrowers who typically lack:-

-Collateral, Steady employment, a verifiable credit history and access to formal financial market.

Today it is a multiple service provider for the members in particular and the community in general establishing a number of non-banking services in areas of education, leisure and recreation, real estate, food & catering services, reception centres and a shopping centre of consumer durables while providing and engaged in a wide variety of community services under its corporate social responsibility progam.

By end of 2012 KTCCS's membership has grown to 7835 members and non-member account holders to 9220 while child account holders to 5627.

And Total Assets as at 31 December 2012: Rs. 1.706 billion (Rs. 706,516,168.76)

Last Update: 2013 Oct 14